We care for clients from over 400 different companies. Here are a few of them:

Aichi Forging Company of Asia, Inc.
Ajis Inventory
All Nippon Airways
Almextech Inc.
Angel Playing Cards Technology Philippines Inc.
ARRK Design Data Center
Arkray Industries Inc.
Aruze Global Shared Services Phils.
Aruze Philippines Manufacturing, Inc.
Asian Development Bank
Automotive Air-conditioning Technology Philippines, Inc.
Aviation Systems Consultants Co. Ltd.
Axis Software Development Phil., Inc.
Azbil Philippines Corp.
Bandai Namco Philippines Inc.
Bandai Philippines Inc.
Bangladesh Embassy
Bank of Tokyo Lease and Finance Phils. Inc.
BDO Unibank, Inc.
Belton Totoku Philippines, Inc.
BEMAC Electric Transportation Philippines Inc.
Bisyamon All Japan Co., Inc.
BPI/MS Insurance Corporation
Broadleaf I.T. Solutions, Inc.
Brother Industries Philippines Inc.
Build Change
Calamba Steel Center, Inc.
Canon Business Machines Philippines Inc.
Canon IT Solutions (Philippines), Inc.
CBK Power Company Ltd.
Chiyoda Integre Philippines Corporation
Chiyoda Philippines Corporation
Chodai Co., Ltd.
Cotton & Diaz Insurance Services Inc.
CPN International Ltd.
Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (ICCP)
Cross Coop Philippines
CS Reporters Inc.
Daiichi Jitsugyo Philippines, Inc.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd
Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group/ICS Pte. Ltd.
Denso Philippines Corporation
Denso Techno Philippines, Inc.
Dentsu Holdings Philippines Inc.
D.I.D Philippines Inc.
DMG Mori Seiki Philippines (Manila)
Doho Metal (PH) Corporation
Eastern Car Liner, Ltd.
Elematec Philippines Inc.
Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc.
Ezoe Japanese Language Institute
Fair Consulting Group Philippines, Inc.
Family Mart
Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.(Uniqlo)
Framgia Japan Inc.
Frontier Intermediary Technology, Inc.
FT Group (Philippines), Inc.
FTech Philippines Mfg. Inc.
FTech R&R Phils.
Fuji Electric Phil., Inc.
Fuji Electronics Co. Ltd.
Fuji Philippines Inc.
Fujifilm Optics Philippines Inc.
Fujikura Asia Limited
Fujimold Philippines Inc.
Fujitrans Corp.
Fujitsu Ten Corporation
Fukushima International Philippine Corp.
Fumakilla Vape Phils.
Funai Electric Phils., Inc.
Fuso-Nabelin Axis Philippines Inc.
Gamewith Inc.
Glico Philippines, Inc.
Glory Philippines, Inc.
Global Mobility Service Philippines, Inc. (GMS)
Green Advance Tech Solution Corp.
Haier Electrical Appliances Philippines, Inc.
Hanamura Industries Co., Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Express Philippines, Inc.
Harada Automotive Antenna (Philippines), Inc.
HRD Singapore PTE. LTD.
Hinomotors Philippines Corporation
HIS Philippines Travel Corporation
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.
Hitachi Cable Philippines, Inc.
Hokushin Philippines Corporation
Hoshizaki Philippines Corporation
Honda Philippines Inc.
I-Bridge Systems
iCube Inc.
Idemitsu International (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
Inabata Philippines, Inc.
Ingasco Philippines, Inc.
Iriso Electronics Philippines, Inc.
Ishikawa Kogyo Corp.
Ishin Asean, Inc.
Itochu Acom Insurance
Itochu Corporation
Jacar Asia Group Inc.
Japan Airlines Co. Ltd.
Japanese Association Manila Inc.
Japan Bike Auction Co. Ltd.
Japan Medical Association
Japan Philippines Nameplates, Inc.
Japan Pulp and Paper Co.
JCB Philippines.
JCM Gold (HK) Ltd.
JFB Tech Philippines, Inc.
JGC Philippines Inc.
John Clements Recruitment, Inc.
JPN, Inc.
J.P. Morgan Chase and Company-Philippine Global Service Center
Jtekt Philippines Corporation
JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
Kajima Philippines, Inc.
Kansai Paint Inc.
Katahira & Engineering Int’l.
Katayama Machinery Philippines
Kawasaki Trading Company Ltd.
Kawata (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
KDDI Phils. Corp.
Kewpie Philippines Corporation
Key Automation Unit, Inc.
Keyence Philippines, Inc.
Kikkoman Trading Asia Pte. Ltd. Philippine Branch
Kintetsu World Express
Kisomec Philippines Inc.
K-Line Philippines
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Kohwa Philippines, Inc.
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia Pte Ltd.
Kosaka Screw Philippines Inc.
Koyama Trading (Phils.) Inc.
KVK Philippines, Inc.
Kyodo News
Kyoritsu Electric Tech. (Philippines), Inc.
K & K Molding Inc.
Laguna Daiichi Inc.
LEOC Co. Ltd
Lexus Manila
Lintec Philippines (PEZA), Inc.
LIXIL Philippines Ltd. Co.
Lotte Confectionery Pilipinas Corporation
LO/FTF Denmark Labor Union
LSI Medience Corp.
Ma. Technology Inc.
Malayan Insurance Co., Inc
Mandom Philippines Corporation
Manila Japanese School
Mansho Philippines
Mariwasa Ceramics, Inc.
Marubeni Philippines Corporation
Marubeni-Itochu Steel Pte. Ltd.
Matsuda Sangyo (Philippines) Corporation
Matsumotosho Co., Ltd.
Metrodeal Inc.
MG Exeo Network, Inc.
Microtop Philippines, Inc.
Minebea Phil Branch
Mitsuba Phils. Corp.
Mitsuba Philippines Technical Center Corp.
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Mitsui & Co. Minerals Resources
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Tokyo
Miura Singapore Co. Pte. Ltd.
MM Steel Service Center Corp.
Moa Technology Inc.
Modair Manila Co. Ltd., Inc.
MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Manila Branch)
Murata Electronics Philippines Inc.
Nagase Philippines International Services Co.
Nabelin Co., Ltd. Philippines Representative Office
NBC Phils. Car Technology Corp.
NBC Car Philippines Corp.
NEC Philippines Inc.
NEC Telecom Software
Netcracker Technology Inc.
Nexus R. Asia
NGK Spark Plugs (Philippines), Inc.
Nichivi Philippines Corp.
NIDEC Philippines Corporation
Nihon Denkie Inc.
Nihon Self Medical Philippines, Inc.
Nikkei Inc.
Ninety Nine Technology, Inc.
Nippon Engineering Consultants Co.
Nippon Express Philippines Corporation
Nippon Premium Bakery Inc.
Nissei Plastic
Nissin Brake Philippines
Nissin Precision Philippines Corporation
NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation
NHK Spring Philippines, Inc.
NMB - Minebea Thai Ltd.
NNA Phils. Corp
NNR Global Logistics Philippines
Noda Kigata Philippine Corp.
Nomura Research Institute Manila Branch
Nomura Securities Phils Inc.
NPTech Phils.
NTT Communications Corporation
NTT Docomo, Inc. (Philippines Branch)
NTT Facilities, Inc.
OB Kogyo Philippines, Inc.
Ocean Network Express Phils. Inc.
Ohigitani Philippines, Inc.
Operation & Maintenance Technology Phils., Inc.
Oncho Philippines, Inc.
Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.
Orix (Metro Leasing And Finance Corp)
Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Otsuka Solar Philippines
Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Outwin Inc.
P & A Grant Thornton
P. Imes Corporation
Pacific Metals Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Manufacturing Phils. Corporation
Pasco Philippines Corporation
Pathernon Philippines Club
Philippine HKR Inc.
Philippines Mansho Inc.
Philippine Ishihara Cad Services, Inc.
Philippine Nishiyama Pipe Manufacturing, Inc.
Philippine Wacoal Corporation
Philippine-Japan Marine Surveyors and Sworn Measurers Corporation (P-NKKK)
Phil-Bright Ocean Ship Management, Inc.
Pilipinas Kao, Inc.
Pilipinas Kyohritsu Inc.
Pilipinas Total Gas, Inc.
Pla Matels (Philippines) Corporation
Platinum Group Metals Corp.
Plecom Media Inc.
Polaris Mold Fabrication Corp.
Pricon Microelectronics Phil. Inc.
Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc.
Propel Network Sdn. Bhd.
PTT Philippines Corporation
Rare Job Philippines Inc.
Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
Reeracoen Philippines, Inc.
Relia Global Shared Services - SPI CRE
Rentracks Co. Ltd.
Riofil Corporation
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Rohm Electronics Philippines, Inc.
Rohm Semi-Conductors Philippines
Ryomo Philippines Information Corporation
Sagass (Philippines) Ltd.
Saiei Online English
Sagara Metro Plastics Industrial Corp.
Sakura Worldwide Solutions
San Roque Power Corporation
San Technology, Incorporated
Sanac Philippines Inc.
Sanko Gosei Philippines Inc.
Sankyo Tateyama Philppines
Sano-Seisakusyo Philippines, Inc.
Sanwa Electric Philippines, Inc.
Sei Philippines Incorporated
Semitec Elec. Phils. Inc.
Setouchi Holdings, Inc.
Sharp (Phil.) Corporation
Shimano Philippines Inc.
Shimizu Philippines Contractors Inc.
Shinetsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc.
Shinryo Philippines Company, Inc.
Siix Coxon Precision Phils. Inc.
Siix Ems Philippines, Inc.
Siix Logistics Phils. Inc.
SLII Logistics Services, Inc.
Sojitz Philippines Corporation
Solder Coat Narita Philippines
Sony Philippines Corporation
SSE Co. Ltd
Star Seiki Phils., Inc.
Sumisetsu Philippines Corporation
Sumitomo Corporation
Sumitomo Metal Mining Philippine Holdings Corporation
Sumitronics Phils. Inc.
Sun Logistics Tech. Inc.
SUS Corporation
Sustena Inc.
Suzuki Philippines Inc.
Suzuyo Whitelands Logistics, Inc.
Sydek Corporation
S2I Solutions Factory Corporation
Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc.
Taisei Electronics Philippines, Inc.
Taisei Corporation Philippine Branch
Taisei Philippines Construction Inc.
Taisho Pharmaceuticals (Philippines), Inc.
Taiyo Plastic Corporation of the Philippines
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.
Takaoka Toko Co. Ltd.
Tak Tools Corporation
Takenaka Corporation
Tau Corporation
Team Energy Corporation
Techbox Inc.
Technol Eight Philippines Corporation
Tencentech, Inc.
Terumo (Philippines) Corp.
The First Bank of Toyama Ltd.
Thirdwave Corporation
Three Bond Singapore, Pte, Ltd.
Tokai Electronics Philippines, Inc.
Tokyo Consulting Firm Philippine Branch
Tokyo Electron Device Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.
Tokyoweld Philippines, Inc.
Tomen Philippines
Tose Phils. Inc
Totoku Phils. Inc.
Toyo Seat Philippines Corporation
Toyota Autoparts Philippines Inc.
Toyota Boshoku Philippines Corporation
Toyota Financial Services Philippines, Inc.
Toyota Motor Philippines Corp.
Toyota Tsusho Philippines Corporation
Tozai Boeki Kaisha, Ltd.
Transcosmos Asia Philippines, Inc.
Trion Corporation
Tsukasa Electric Phils. Inc.
Tsukiden Electronics Philippines, Inc.
Tsukiden Global Solutions, Inc.
TTI Laguna Philippines, Inc.
UAM Philippines, Inc.
Wealth Access International Holdings, Ltd.
Weather News Philippine Branch
World Aviation International Services Corporation
Wuhan Fiber Home
Xibre Digital
Yakult Philippines, Inc.
Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc.
Yamaichi Seiko Philippines Inc.
Yamashita PMC Inc.
Yasufuji Mold Corporation
YNS Corporation
YNS Philippines Inc.
Yoyo Holdings, Pte. Ltd. Inc.
Yusen Logistics Phils. Inc.
Zensho (Philippines) Inc.