• DAO now offering Virtual Property Tours


    Philippines expansion and current development

    DAO Realty was founded in 1987 as a real estate company in the Philippines. Initially, it was serving any nationality, yet there were times when business was not stable.  One day, a Japanese trading company expatriate became our client, liked the company's services, and introduced a lot of other Japanese expatriates. It was from there that DAO began targeting Japanese people. 


    Filipino landlords appreciated the respect Japanese people had for the propoerties they rented.  As the company developed, DAO started a service focusing on after-sales maintenance after a client has moved in.  In the present, the company maintains the strong demand by Japanese expatriates for rental housing and office properties. This time, we would like to introduce a new service that was launched at the request of many customers in the time of COVID-19.



    Service overview

    For those who intend to return to Japan temporarily, or those who are unable to re-enter Japan, the company will inspect and maintain their Philippine residence during long-term absence, while also offering to pack their essentials left at home and arrange shipping to Japan. When the client vacatess, they may temporarily store valuables such as furniture, clothing, and personal computers in the care of our marketing representatives.


    Clients may check the state of their homes in the Philippines while they are in Japan, and virtually manage the process. In addition, a virtual preview tour is also available for newly assigned expatriates that wish to safely view Philippine properties. The company staff will preview on behalf of the customer and stream a live video using a smartphone to every corner of the house. Customers can perform virtual viewing while watching live video at home.



    The strength of the company, which has a track record of more than 30 years since its establishment, is the strong trust with many property owners and condominium management companies rooted in the local area.  When an unexpected situation occurs, DAO can solve the problem by making full use of it's network not only within the company but also among it's many peers.  Despite any challenges related to housing, DAO's staff shall respond politely and efficiently.



    Future prospects

    There are many people who have worries about housing due to Coronavirus, so if a client has any questions or concerns about their homes, they are free to contact Dao Realty to answer any of them.